Start-ups & International Investors – Non EU

Citizens from None EU countries who want to pursue self-employment or establish a business need to obtain a residence card before being able to legally live and work in Spain. 

The process of obtaining residency and setting up a business in Spain requires professional legal advice. We are experts in:

  • The best methods and business plan set up to ensure issuance of Certificate of Uniqueness.
  • Advise with best cost-effective options for opening corporate bank account.
  • Procedures of Public Deed of Incorporation.
  • Company registry administrative process and issuance of Tax Identification Code (CIF) in the most legally cost-effective way.
  • All related to corporate businesses official registrations at administrative/ government departments, such as social security authorities and other departments.

Once all the aforementioned has been done and your residency application has been approved, you can start to manage your business in accordance with the legislation and specific regulations of Spain.